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ITSLanguage is an innovative platform that goes beyond standard Software as a Service (SaaS), providing foundational technology for a range of services in education and healthcare. It delivers state-of-the-art solutions that enhance learning, communication, and life improvement. Through our alliance with Royal Auris and several other organizations, ITSLanguage is at the forefront of innovating speech technology, significantly impacting the education and healthcare industries in the Netherlands. As part of D-centralize, our expertise in speech transcription and analysis is pivotal in advancing educational and therapeutic services, demonstrating a commitment to research and societal progress.

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ITSLanguage serves as the foundation for a wide array of services, including innovative education and healthcare applications. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to empower users and transform the way we learn, communicate, and improve our lives.

Speech Recognition

Click on the microphone icon to start the Speech Recognition

Choose your language in the box below. Once done, tap the button and start talking. After every sentence it will give you the recognized text with a measure of how sure we are about each word. Move your mouse over a word for more details.

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Revolutionary Speech Technology

At ITSLanguage, we have collaborative alliances working towards driving innovation in the sphere of speech technology. Together, we're reshaping the healthcare and education sectors within the Netherlands. Our shared expertise in developing cutting-edge speech transcription and analysis software plays a critical role in enhancing various educational and therapeutic domains. This partnership echoes our mutual dedication to research and societal betterment. We pride ourselves on our agile approach, enabling swift enhancements and delivering innovative solutions. In 2020 alone, our combined efforts led to four breakthroughs, testament to our collective resolve to create a better future through technology.


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